Things that it is harder to do in the United States than buy a gun


After every mass shooting, somebody makes a list like this (and I’m going to credit those who did here, here and here for inspiration), but I thought it was time for one that was truly comprehensive.

Go fishing.1

Jet ski.1

Scuba dive.1

Adopt a pet.5

Bring a pet into a restaurant.1, 6

Obtain illegal drugs.6

Obtain legal drugs.1

Buy cigarettes.2, 4

Buy alcohol.2, 4

Drink alcohol.4

Sell alcohol.1

Sell hats.1

Sell lemonade.1

Sell water.1

Buy Penthouse.2,4

See an NC-17 movie.2,4

See an R rated movie.2, 4

Buy music with salty language.2, 4

Get a Snapchat account (without violating their terms).4

Get a Facebook account (“”).4

Get a Pinterest account (“”).4

Get a cell phone.2

Get cable.2

Get electricity.2

Drive an Uber.1, 3, 4

Drive a car.1, 4

Rent a car.1, 2, 4 

Get scouted by the NFL.3

Donate blood if you’re gay.6

Buy a wedding cake if you’re gay.6

Get married if you’re gay.1, 6

Get married if you’re not gay.1

Breastfeed in public.6

Get health insurance.2

Use the bathroom you want to use.6

Enter the United States if you are not a citizen.2, 6

Enter the United States if you are a citizen.2

Vote.2, 4

Get food stamps.2, 5

Get health insurance.2, 5

Get a credit card.2, 3

Get a mortgage.2, 3, 5

Rent an apartment.2, 3, 5

Become a realtor.1, 4

Become a massage therapist.1

Become a manicurist.1

Become a ticket taker.1

Get a corporate job.3

Get a minimum wage job.3

Get an internship.3


Get an abortion.4, 5, 6

Get birth control pills.1

Allow your kids to play unsupervised in your own yard.6



For these things you need a license, certification, or prescription.

For these things you need to show ID and/or provide your social security number.

These activities often require a background check.

These activities often have a minimum age requirement from 13 to 21, (whereas Unlicensed persons may sell, deliver, or otherwise transfer a long gun or long gun ammunition to a person of any age)

These activities require a waiting period or have a long approval process.

6 These activities are prohibited, made difficult by, and/or can get you arrested in some states under current law.

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